The security of your company.

PDCA ENGINEERING was created in 2014. It is an expertise/consulting firm and also a professional training organisation since 2017. Rapidly due to growing demand, the company evolved in January 2017 with the addition of its registration as a professional training organisation (n°28 14 03015 14).


PDCA ENGINEERING is a safety and risk management consulting firm offering auditing, technical assistance and training services in all areas related to occupational health and safety, fire, environment and crisis management.


PDCA ENGINEERING is a company with family values, born from the evolution of its manager. The objective of the services offered is to provide solutions in terms of risk management and control while taking into account production constraints and customer requirements.


Meanwhile, PDCA ENGINEERING had a duty to share its 25 years of operational experience by offering today training courses that are realistic and adapted to clients’ needs.

Buildings, EOP, EA, High-rise and Residential buildings
Logistiques, Transports

(oil&gas, mining, metallurgy, cement works, agro-food industry etc...)

Civil engineering, building and public works

Our areas of intervention

Our golden rule

Our golden rule as a consultancy / consulting firm and professional training organisation:

  1. Propose a pragmatic approach

  2. Then, apprehend and understand the constraints of production

  3. and finally, to allow flexibility in the proposed solutions

Our assets

Our assets as a consultancy and professional training organisation:

  1. Professionalism acquired in France and abroad, rich in multicultural knowledge

  2. A genuine capacity for multidisciplinary expertise (IPRP n°IDF/2016/31)

  3. A pedagogical approach based on real know-how and operational experience

  4. An understanding of the constraints and requirements of operators and operational

Innovation Awards: Préventia