Professional Health and Safety Management and Administration

What studies have been carried out to understand the risks at work?

Diagnosis of safety at work
Evaluation of professional risks
Drafting and/or updating of the Single Document
Prevention plan (external company)
Safety protocol (loading - unloading)

Professional health and safety are achieved through risk evaluation. This is a starting point for the prevention approach, which is based on the General Principles of Prevention. The identification, analysis and classification of risks make it possible to define the most appropriate prevention actions, covering technical, human and organisational dimensions.

A three-step process:

I. Identifying hazards, analysing risks

II. Classify the identified risks

III. Summarise and propose solutions in the Single Document, together with a timetable for action

Professional risk prevention is a comprehensive approach comprising the following measures:

  • professional risk prevention actions

  • information and training actions

  • setting up of a suitable organisation and resources


Why treat PSR?

Because Psychosocial Risks through stress at work are harmful to our private lives - Raising awareness of the effects of stress at work on our children - Apprehending this risk, identifying it, treating it (in partnership with a Psychoanalyst / Sophrologist) – Collective relaxation in the company.