Crisis management, Internal Operation Plan, Fire Defence Plan

Lead and intervene within a crisis unit

Why prepare - What objectives?

The POI must be up to date and functional for operational staff. Emergency plan: it is used to help the site to anticipate the potential crisis and to characterize it using simple tools. The emergency or crisis management plan will thus make it possible to react with speed and precision to activate a crisis unit capable of controlling and managing a degraded situation requiring organization and unusual resources on the site. Since communication can be a determining element in the birth or in the aggravation of the crisis, PDCA ENGINEERING will establish a guide to deal with communication needs from the first hour of the crisis until its resolution.

Meanwhile, is there a method?

Development of the crisis management plan is divided into successive stages:

Site analysis

Predict the different crisis scenarios

Evaluate the probability and severity thresholds of scenarios

Prioritize crisis scenarios

Organization of crisis management

Crisis unit

Alert scheme

Reflex sheets

List management

Training of members of the crisis unit and staff awareness

Help in carrying out crisis exercises

Finally, What are the benefits of preparing for a crisis?

The crisis management plan allows:

First, to detect, defuse or limit the impact of an event at the initial stage. Premièrement de détecter, de désam

Second, to gain efficiency when the crisis occurs.


And finally, to optimise the management of crisis situations.

The implementation of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is crucial in crisis management. Crisis management is closely related to BCP. In fact, the BCP brings together the documented procedures that will serve as a guide for the company to enable it to respond, restore, resume and regain a predefined level of operation or following a major incident or accident. However, the transition from the Emergency Plan to the PCA is proving complex. This crisis management "gymnastics" is not innate and often requires the support of specialists such as PDCA ENGINEERING.

Crisis management

Internal Operation Plan (IOP) Realization /
Revision / Exercise
Simplified Intervention Plan (SIP)
Fire Defence Plan (FDP)
Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
Safety protocol