PDCA ENGINEERING offers safety and risk management consulting solutions to meet companies’ regulations and problems. We operate both in France and abroad.
The QHSSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment) audit and consulting services provide help and guide various players in charge of safety in their company. PDCA ENGINEERING's expertise can complement an existing internal organisation.

Control of fire and explosion risks

Implementing technical and organisational measures to suppress any outbreak of fire as well as to limit the spread and effects of a fire.

Professional Health and Safety Management and Administration

Identify, analyse and classify risks in order to define the most appropriate prevention actions, covering technical, human, organisational and economic dimensions.

Prevention of operating losses - Industrial risks

Ensuring the safety of employees, assessing risks while ensuring respect for the environment and regulations. Improve performance by limiting operating losses in particular. 

Crisis management, Internal Operation Plan, Fire Defence Plan

The internal operation plan must be up-to-date and functional for the operational staff. Emergency plan: it is used to help the site to anticipate the potential crisis and to characterise through simple tools.

Safety and protection coordination mission level 1, 2 and 3 (Design & Implementation)

Safety and health protection coordination on construction sites is essential for project owners from the design phase and during the execution of the work. It results from the obligations of the labour code, aimed at reducing the risks linked to co-activity on the site and subsequent interventions.

Insurer expertise (Prevention visit - Search for the causes and circumstances of fire - Vulnerability audit)

Dans le cadre de l’assurance des risques industriels, une visite de prévention des risques appelée analyse de vulnérabilité est régulièrement réalisée.

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